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Septic Tank Inspections

Rumours are abound in the County of Wicklow that the Septic Tank Inspectors have come to town. We have heard on the grapevine that panic has begun to spread across this beautiful County of ours, but fear not, Arklow Jetting & Drain Maintenance is here to save the day.

As is the way with inspections like this, urban myths begin to spread about experiences people have had and so to dispel any fears you may be having about the septic tank inspection process we have put together a quick guide to address the main issues.
So, what is the septic tank inspection all about?

Well, in 2012 under the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 a scheme was introduced to help protect ground and surface water quality from any risks posed by waste systems that were not working properly.

Under this Act anyone with a septic tank or similar waste system was required to register with their local authority and of course pay the relevant registration fee. The deadline for registration at the time was the 1st of February 2013. If you did not register at the time you can still do so now at, but you will not be eligible for any grant if your waste system is found to be in need of repair work.

What way does it work?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the body responsible for developing and managing the national inspection plans and for reporting on their implementation.

A local authority representative will contact you and arrange to carry out an inspection of your waste system. If it is found that your waste system is working properly and being maintained to a good standard then no further action is required.

If, on the other hand, problems were discovered with your waste system then you will be required to rectify any issues. This can involve anything from simple maintenance to upgrading the entire system.

What can you do now to minimise risk?

It is recommended that your septic is emptied at least once a year. If your tank is left for a number of years without maintenance, it may cause more serious problems including blocked percolation areas and/or damage to pumps.

So, contact Arklow Jetting & Drain Maintenance today to get you started on the road to that perfectly functioning and compliant waste system.

2 thoughts on “Septic Tank Inspections

  1. I had a bad smell coming from my back garden and I called Arklow Jetting & Drain Maintenance, I assumed it was coming from my Biocycle in the percolation area. It needed to be emptied, they called to me within 45 Mins of calling them and emptied the tank, thankgod my smell is gone now.

  2. I had a blocked toilet, which backed up into the shower, Arklow Jetting & Drain Maintenance was recommended by a friend and they came out and solved the problem. They were excellent and left my bathroom clean and smelling fresh.

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